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Welcome to the Al Naemani Emirates which is a Massive 8kx8k project consisting of vast county roads
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Welcome to the Al Naemani Emirates which is a Massive 8kx8k project consisting of vast county roads and scenery and is also balanced with a modern capital with rich architecture perfect for exploring.

The city part of the Emirate Al Naemani City consists of 11 major districts as follows (refer to road map for further detail):

This is the central hub of the city where there are skyscrapers galore and long modern boulevards to explore and enjoy.

Emirate Hills
This is just outside downtown to the west, this area feature a more relaxed city atmosphere near to the coasts and luxury golf courses this district has some stunning scenery.

Al Naemani Beach
This is the southern most point of the city with luxury built up hotels just opposite the beach and shore line with impressive views this district is also renowned for its long modern boulevards a long side the sea and beach.

North Hills
This area is more of a residential district with many modern apartments and parks to look forward to furthermore it being located on the hills means there are magnificent views of the city to be seen.

Magreb Beach
This is one of the most northern points of the city yet again being quite residential with famous modern buildings such as the national marina venue hall.

North Bank
North Bank is a small section of the city which features the royal palaces and gardens along side the city canal leading towards the city river.

New Wharf
New Wharf is a financial centre second to downtown and also features the national university and academy grounds of the city along side hosting historic monuments and sculptures.

North Bay
North Bay is a diverse district hosting a variety of modern skyscrapers and apartment along side hosting the Grand North Bay Park it also has amazing scenery due to It proximity to the beach and the Emirates bay.

This is district is host to large traditional style buildings such as the Naemani Palace and also has a flourishing business district with modern skyscraper marvels , its also home to the emirates second mall with a spectacular water fountain and views.

West Hills & North County
These are the extensive rural parts of the emirates featuring beaches , forest , coves and more these district are connected to the city via county roads

(see Emirate Road Map for more information)

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  • Project Lead & Founder - Nohman12354
  • Builder and Infrastructure Lead - Deimux537
  • Trees - Pang
  • Renderers - Stated on Render
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