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Bessemer City is a city project that commenced in January 2017 by kubikk877. The city began as a sma
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Bessemer City is a city project that commenced in January 2017 by kubikk877. The city began as a small roleplay map with a couple buildings and an inn. As more people joined to help out, the city quickly began to grow and by December that year, the small buildings and houses were replaced by towering skyscrapers. Within a year, it became one of the biggest cities on the Brawl Build server.

The city boasts a large downtown area, a developing subway and tram system, and sewer system. There are also two major highways running through the city, I-67 and I-467, which cut directly through the downtown part of the city. Most of the buildings are inspired from real-life buildings, such as the PNC Tower from Louisville and the US Bank Building from Denver.

In late 2020, the Bessemer City map and build team left the Brawl Build server, and now is operating on a private server. This was voted on by the team because the city had outgrown the world size limits in place by the Brawl community, and needed far more space in order to grow and improve.

The city project has led to the creation of another district of the city, called “Saluda”, which began in January 2020. Saluda is a suburban commercial town north of Bessemer City’s position, and is also where the various sports stadiums, hotels, restaurants, stores, and the massive Hiawassee University are located. It is being constructed in the general location where I-67 meets with I-467, north of Downtown. Further information will be released as the project proceeds.

Social Media:
  • Youtube: Lucas Rousselle
  • Twitter: @lucasrousselle5
  • Reddit: u/kubikk877
  • Discord: Kubikk#0827
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where did the name “Bessemer” come from?

It wasn’t named after an existing city, but from the Bessemer steel process, giving a nod towards the city’s main producing product, steel.

Q: How can I help out?

We’ll let you all know in the comments section about applications when we are ready for it.

Q: Why do some buildings scattered throughout the map don’t contain interiors?

: This is part of an effort to make the city less laggier and easier-to-run on low-end devices.

Q: Is this map roleplay-friendly?

Yes! Improvements include replacing open-aired elevator shafts with player-accessible stairwells.

  • kubikk877 (formerly xSlayer72)
  • ProjectFox MarvelMoonGamer
  • EliasOschy
  • TheBallisticGod
Special Thanks To:
  • Charlie_0014
  • Akuro
  • Im_Shufflin
  • whale_ello_there
  • ChickieNugget
Version 2.0 Updated Features List:

This update focused mainly on correcting old builds and instilling a generally more realistic atmosphere in the city.
  • Added 13 new skyscrapers to the downtown area
  • Redesigned infrastructure
  • Widened and redesigned the river
  • Remodeled hospital
  • Updated spawn
  • Updated the sewer system
  • Added the city’s university
  • Added 7 new sports complexes
  • Added suburban commercial district (Saluda)
  • Modified sewer system layout
  • Added a high school and an elementary school
  • Added a series of bus stops
  • Completely redesigned Downtown
  • Added a convention centre
  • Added 3 new bridges spanning the river
  • Removed many old office towers
  • Removed the old railroad
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