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Welcome Everyone, I have finally finished perfecting my Parkour map. I would like to dedicate this m
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Cryptic: Parkour

Welcome Everyone, I have finally finished perfecting my Parkour map. I would like to dedicate this map to AntVenom and his amazing channel in hope he will play this map.

The Map:

This map is all about using your skill in parkour to pass through multiple maps and become an ultimate parkour sensation. Each time you come to the start of or complete a level you are expected to pick your next one from 2. Each one will be different in it's own way, it could be based on various skills, difficulties or danger of death.

As always the trailer can be found by following this link:

I Hope to upload "Cryptic: The worlds" To the site very soon so everyone can enjoy it.

About Cryptic:

Cryptic was the original series of this map, they are not linked nor is this a story endorsed map. But i wanted to let cryptic go with... One... Final.... Map.

"Cryptic: The worlds" was my first ever map, all the way back in 2009, you had to conquer 4 realms containing 4 mini challenges each to unlock the final stage.

So i went all speed ahead to create a map with the dream it would be the best puzzle map ever made! i still think it was amazing, but it never got recognized.

Cryptic 2: Darkest Depths. Was in the style of Cryptic the worlds, but with more ferocious realms to face. At the end of the map you confronted the voice of the master behind cryptic. As you followed it through the void maze, you entered a dark portal, only to find the dreaded "To be continued..." Sign. Cryptic Died there and then. The 2 final maps were never made.

But i decided to bless my creation one last time with the non linear sandbox "Cryptic: Parkour". I only wish now i showed more of a story. Hopefully it wont be too late. If i can make this map work, i will revive the series. Can you Help?
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