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Imperial City

Imperial City

For the official guided tour of Imperial City "ASMR style", go there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v
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For the official guided tour of Imperial City "ASMR style", go there:
(on my ASMR channel: The French Whisperer).

IMPORTANT: please note that this project will not be updated here anymore because we have left the site. The reason is that all the individual projects we had posted over 18 months have been suddenly removed by the moderation without a word of consideration for the work done, on the grounds that they would duplicate this project (even though they actually do not appear on this page because there is not enough space for more images). Apparently, the fact that we offer the possibility to download the city makes it impossible to create a single other page on the site to present it, regardless of the size or quality of the project. So I estimate that our future creations in the city cannot be properly presented here, and I see no reason to remain exposed much longer to the rudeness of some of the moderators (not all of them) in the future.

However, the Imperial City project will continue to develop, and you can still discover all the removed sub-projects on its youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rigolo0. From now on, future downloads of the city will also be posted exclusively on youtube.

Our texture pack

This is a project we are building on a server: a large, monumental city that is built in all styles from the 19th century and early 20th century (neo-classical, beaux-arts style, modern style...). We play in creative mode. All buildings are original, even though they are often based on existing buildings that we modify or merge as a source of inspiration.

We wish to share our builds and have as many people as possible enjoying them. This means that you are free to download them, use them, and put our city on your server (if you do so, crediting usfor their creation will be appreciated).

To date, active members on our Imperial City server are:

- admins and lead architects: Comeon and Rigolo

- architects: Architecte, Geebee56, Juanmmag,ProijectoH, Siderial, Vincal, XQlusive

Other updates will follow so stay tuned!


- texture pack?: see above

- may I put this on my server?: yes, please just credit us

- may I join the server and build too?: no, sorry, we are not recruiting because we want to remain a small team and control every new building

- could you build something for me, I will pay (or not)?: no, thanks, we stay fully focused on our project

- where is the city, I downloaded it but cannot find it in game?: the installation failed,the spawn is surrounded with buidings so you should find it immediately. Make sure you have correctly installed the save. Sorry we cannot provide furthertechnical assistance.

- Can I visit the server ? : unfortunately notanymore, since we were griefed. We hope we will be able to reopen it soon to visitors; the adress will be unchanged:imperatus.verygames.net or In the meantime you can follow the Imperial City on the map viewer:

- mac user ? Use unRarX for the save file

- where can I play this map on a server? Several servers use the map, you can try Craftfest (IP: mc.craftfest.net)
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