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Our city has an old medieval part in the middle, two different modern residential areas, several are
Compatible Versions : 1.9 + 
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Our city has an old medieval part in the middle, two different modern residential areas, several areas with offices and shops and some big attractions like skyscrappers, downtown or the big soccer stadium. The whole city has sewers and there is also a subway and tram system in the City.
Every house is connected with the canalization under the streets. Furthermore each building has an interior. You will never find a building with just space in it.
The city is still being expanded and there will be more updates to it in the future.

For more detailed information, including screenshots and videos, you can look here:
It is absolutely recommended to play this map with Minecraft version 1.9 ! The map is full playable with vanilla Minecraft (without mods).

The city was built by Nick96894, Arniboy13 & BlackGrenth.
Others who helped: Arkeeror, XxLinaxX, Marie007, Olimero, Febreze, Nickldio.

Whats NEW with this update? (Version 1.1)

  • Bigger office area with 54 new buildings including a very complex chemical company building,skyscrappers, shops and other buildings like banks, etc
  • Two new residential areas with 30 complete new and different buildings (Overall approximately 100 new houses)
  • Downtown
  • Big soccer stadium with car park and railway station plus an area with shops around it
  • The river "Varen" now flows through some parts of the city
  • American football stadium
  • New traffic lights design
  • Karting
  • City park with lake in the middle
  • Subway!
  • Hidden easter eggs/gimmicks, mysteries and story elements
  • Higher complexity and detail level of the map
  • New vehicles (fire brigade, police, ambulance, buses)
  • Creative improvements in many buildings (interior)
  • Special sewer connection for the 2nd big skyscrapper
  • Extensive corrections (For example: Lighting in the pool, missing blocks, lowered gravel paths, spelling mistakes, twisted beds etc.)
  • Overall the map has now a higher detail level
  • Extensive city plans inside the download content
Version 1.1.1
  • Critical Bug fixes (Now you start in the intended gamemode and at the correct spawnpoint,...)
  • The map now supports Minecraft version 1.9 or higher
  • Some Improvements
  • The file is smaller (200MB->143MB) then version 1.1, so that you can download it a little bit faster (No content from 1.1 is missing)
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